Monday, April 7, 2014

Over 2000 visitors interested in feasible energy saving improvements at paper production

1. Abstract

Totally nine (9) articles has been published at this blog since it was created in August, 2012. 

During last six months the visitor amount has increased to the level of 150 ... 170 visitors per month, and the total amount of visitors is today over 2000. ( April, 2014). 

2. Statistics

Based on the statistical report, visitors of our blog are splited around the industrialized world (for details compare to the picture 1).

                Picture 1: Visitors of the blog by Kari U Kokkonen
                Feasible electric energy improvements at paper production

Of cause most of the visitors are from Finland ( about 45 %), but practically all industrialized countries are well represented. The visitors of other countries in the order of visitor count:
   - United States,  Germany, Russia, India, Sweden, New Zeeland, Malesia, Thailand, etc.

3. Comments and conclusions

Even though the total visitor count is today over 2000, there has been very few questions, nor commens. Thus, please feel free to comment and send questions! You can add questions and comments at the end each blog.

The next blog will come out in a few weeks from now, and in it we will talk about an interesting new on-line application, benchmarking of electric energy consumption and energy costs of paper production. The application in here: . )

Best Regards !
Kari U Kokkonen


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